You could be Blue Collar TV's 'Redneck Yard of the Week.' Just send a photo of your yard with the application forms.

To enter by mail, follow the steps below:

  1. Please read the Official Rules.
  2. Get a good, clear, color photograph of the entire Redneck Yard looking toward your yard from the street. If there is something special you wish to feature in your yard, shoot a close up of it
  3. Print out, complete and sign the Entry Form.
  4. Print out and sign the Photo Release Form.
  5. Print out, complete and sign the Yard Release Form. If you are not the only owner of the yard, have all additional property owners sign the Yard Release Form as well. *Note that if your yard is chosen, any house numbers or street names appearing in the photograph will be blurred out for broadcast.
  6. If any people appear in the photograph, have each person (including yourself) complete and sign a separate Person in the Appearance Release Form.
  7. Put the completed/signed entry form, submission agreement, yard release form, photograph, (and if applicable) Person in the Photograph Release Form(s) in a stamped envelope and mail it to:
My Redneck Yard
Parrot Communications
Attn: Rebecca
2917 N. Ontario St.
Burbank, CA 91504

You may be contacted by email or telephone for the date and time of appearance on "Blue Collar TV" if your Entry is chosen.

Good Luck!!